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Where do I begin?

It is normal to feel a little nervous about starting therapy. We offer 15-minute phone consultations, where you are encouraged to ask questions and we can discuss any concerns that you may have about getting started.

What’s the cost?

The investment in your wellness is $150 for a 50-minute individual session. Individual in-home and community-based workshops are $175 session. In-home workshop group rates available upon request.    All major credit/debit cards and HSA are accepted.

Can I use insurance to pay for treatment?

We accept Maryland Medicaid and Optum, for individual therapy only.  Out of Network benefits can be used for individuals who do not have one of the insurance's listed.  Participants are responsible for contacting their health provider to determine if they can be reimbursed for services with their out of network benefits.

How long is treatment?

Therapy is different for everyone. We will use goals and objective identified at the start of treatment to determine progress met. Therapy is an investment and commitment. We will work together, but ultimately you decide when you feel progress has been made.

How often will we meet?

We value your input and ultimately you decide how often you want to meet. Most individuals start weekly to build rapport and focus on what brought them to therapy. As progress is made it is common to decrease frequency to bi-weekly and then monthly if needed.

Is Online therapy like in person therapy?

Online therapy is just as effective as in person therapy. A secure online platform is used like Skype or Facetime. Sessions take place in real time where a computer with camera and microphone or cell phone, can be used. Session can take place anywhere (car, bedroom, beach, etc.) if you have limited distractions and feel comfortable. Online therapy allows for flexibility while allowing you to have your mental health needs met.

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