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Frequently Asked Questions

Is therapy right for me?

Many people can benefit from therapy. Oftentimes, people feel like there has to be something "wrong" in order to seek therapy.  This is not true.  Therapy provides a setting for an unbiased perspective, geared at helping you process, grow, and heal. 

How does it work?  How are sessions structured?

Sessions are structured by an initial intake, followed by subsequent individual sessions (50 minutes).  In the first session, we will determine goals for therapy and a treatment plan.  The frequency of sessions ranges from weekly, bi-weekly, and tri-weekly to start. As stability is gained, the frequency of meeting will decrease. 

Do you offer virtual or in person session?

I offer Telehealth (virtual) sessions via Simple Practice.  At this time,  I do not offer in person sessions. 

How do I schedule and appointment?

Please call 301-327-4693 during business hours or reach out via email at  You can also contact use through the contact me form on this website. 

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